Equipment Charter Info

Starboard as a major windsurfing brand is committed to support the Phantom 295 One Design Class, as well as contribute to Raceboard 300 events, and one sure way is to plan sufficient quantities of charter equipment at significant events and regattas.

Our philosophy is to assist building the racing communities with easy accessible, but still challenging modern equipment. In short, we want to make it easy for you to attend any main International event – eliminating freight difficulties & expenses, time-consuming packing, and outdated equipment.
Similarly, we simply invite you to compete with the exciting Phantom 295. If you are still not a Phantom owner or yet to have the opportunity to try it out, just hop on a flight and the rest is “plug and play” at a charter event, capably assisted by our experienced representatives at selected race venues…

Additionally, selected charter boards are available for local purchase at very attractive prices subsequent to many events, (charter fees deducted) but early bookings are recommended.

To book charter equipment for future events, please complete the Equipment Charter Form.

For more information regarding the Phantom 295, click the links below.

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