Medemblik – Youth & Masters Worlds

After a full set of 15 great championship races over 5 days, in a variety of wind conditions, Alex Buchau (ESP 36) is victorious in the Raceboard Masters Fleet, 4 points ahead of Pedro Moura (POR 73), winner of today’s first race, who takes silver. First Grandmaster, Juha Blinnikka (FIN 6) was just one point behind and takes bronze. Daniel Blinnikka finished 2nd with an equal amount of points as the #1, but since he’s the first rider in the ranking on a Phantom 295, Daniel will travel to Asia’s King’s Cup where he can compete in the beginning of December, in Phuket, Thailand.

Pics by Jan de Jonge and Remi Vila

First Veteran was Kai Mannisto (FIN 50) and first lady was Ilona Grinberga (LAT 18). Class President, Paul Leone, took the bullet for the last race of the day – the final race of the championship.

In the Youth Fleet, it was a fight to the finish. Daniel Blinnikka (FIN 5) won the first race of the day but then Artem Murashev (RUS 54) took the next two. It couldn’t be closer – they have ended the championship on equal points but Artem’s 1st place beats Daniel’s second so he takes the gold and Daniel takes the silver position. Bautista Saubidet Birkner (ARG 401) is third and Anastasya Valkevich (BLR 4) is first lady.

The organisers are to be congratulated on delivering a superb event at the International Sailing Center, Medemblik. They were excellent hosts and provided a great atmosphere.

As predicted, after 12 races, Spaniard Alex Buchau is now at the top of the leaderboard as the second discard comes into play. Winner of all today’s races, he has a massive 13 point lead over Grandmaster Juha Blinnikka who is just two points ahead of the Brit, Mark Kay. Pedro Moura scored his worst results of the competition so far and has been relegated to fourth, although just another two points behind so still has a chance for the podium.

In the Youth Fleet, Russian Artem Murashev has made it to the top but has equal points with Daniel Blinnikka from Finland so the battle is on for the final day of this championship! They are both a clear 8 points ahead of Argentinian Bautista Saubidet Birkner who is facing a challenge for the podium from the host country’s Joris van Essen just one point behind.

Daniel Blinnikka

Olympic superstars from past and present met the future stars of windsurfing in Medemblik today. Gold medalist Stephan van den Berg (Los Angeles 1984) and Dorian van Rijsselberghe (London 2012) enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and signed a lot of autographs. Stephan regretted not being able to compete with the Raceboard Masters at Medemblik in his home country but work commitments and visiting the recent London Olympics made it impossible.

Olympic royalty

Despite not winning any races today, 39 year old Pedro Moura (POR 73) is now at the top of the Raceboard Masters Fleet, this being the result of consistent sailing with his worst discarded result being a 7th.

5 points behind him is Grandmaster Juha Blinnikka (FIN 6) who has moved up from third place taking the first race win of the day. His worst result of the competition so far in the last race was discarded. GBR’s Mark Kay, yesterday’s leader, has been relegated to third place. Still the one to watch is Alex Buchau (ESP 36) currently in fourth, winner of the last race of the day. As soon as we reach 12 races – and there is every expectation that we will – he will discard his dead weight score of 21 from the first day.

Frank Spoettel (GER 114), although just outside the top ten, will be really pleased with his win in the second race of the day.

The ladies have their own private battle going on – Maria Antonia Dominguez Gutierrez is just one point ahead of Ilona Grinberga from Latvia.

In the Youth Fleet, Daniel Blinnikka (FIN 5) has reached the top spot with a race win in the second of the day. Not the best day for yesterday’s leader, Bautista Saubidet Birkner as he has dropped to third behind Artem Murashev who is now back in second place. Joris van Essen (NED 1111) is hanging in there in fourth trying to close the gap with two bullets today. Anastasya Valkevich (BLR 4) is still 6th overall, 1st lady.

Four races a piece on day two of the Raceboard Youths and Masters Worlds in Medemblik – the maximum allowed in one day – and proof that the organisers at the international sailing centre can deliver.

Young racers

First race of the day at 10.00 started in a good 14 knots. It didn’t meet the expectations of “Super Wednesday” with the 16-26 knots forecast yesterday but, after a morning averaging 10-15 knots, gusts of up to 24 knots were recorded in the afternoon.

Class President, Paul Leone, who had his moment of glory at the top of yesterday’s leaderboard, has now been relegated as the first discard comes into play and others find their form. Mark Kay (GBR 365) now heads the masters fleet – but has yet to score a bullet and is only 1 point ahead of Pedro Moura (POR 73) who has two wins under his belt, and also Juha Blinnikka (FIN 6).

Franck Loup has moved up to fourth place with some good results having discarded his worst. Once the next discard kicks in, Alex Buchau (ESP 36) currently in 5th is one to watch as he took three wins yesterday.

First lady is Maria Antonia Dominguez Gutierrez (ESP 11).

Over in the Youth Fleet, yesterday’s leader Debeune has also been kicked out as Bautista Saubidet Birkner (ARG 401) moves up from fourth to the top. He really needs to watch his back as Daniel Blinnikka (FIN 5) has gone from third to second place with two race wins and is just one point behind. Artem Murashev (RUS 54) has slid down to third and is eight points behind.

First lady Anastasya Valkevich (BLR 4) took the first bullet yesterday and is sixth overall. Huig-Jan Tak (NED 465) second in the first race of the day won the last race. With plenty more racing on the cards there are many changes to come on the leaderboard.

Day 1
Championship racing has begun in Medemblik on “warm up Tuesday” in sunshine and light winds. The aim was to have 3 races for each of the fleets, in between techno racing, but the forecast big thunderstorms and heavy winds later in the day meant close of play after just 2 races for each of the raceboard fleets could be completed.

Class President, Paul Leone (GBR 1111) heads the leaderboard in the masters fleet with a second and a third, Veteran Kai Mannisto (FIN 50) beat him in the first race but came fifth in the second race so sits in second place overall. Pedro Moura (POR 73) was the winner of the second race but came sixth in the first, so he is third overall.

Mixed fortunes also in the youth fleet. Debeune (FRA 835) is first overall with two second places. Artem Murashev (RUS 54) took the first bullet then a fourth and is second overall. In third overall is Daniel Blinnikka (FIN 5) with two consistent thirds, and winner of the second race Bautista Saubidet Birkner (ARG 401) is in fourth place.

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