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More Phantom Racing in Dubai

The amazing multi International Dubai crew now consist of windsurfers from 17 nations. Congratulations to Makram Doak and Bruno El Adm for securing a double for Lebanon in our last race, followed by Samir Tiriki from Algeria. The conditions were challenging with winds between 20 and 23 knots even inside the beautiful Dubai Palm. Current [...]

The new R300 Class

The R300 Class is a new exciting concept, constituted by the Raceboard Class. We are pleased to inform that the Phantom 295 has been approved, together with Bic 293, RSOne and The Surfers Club. The first major event will be the Raceboard Worlds in Sopot, Poland from June 8th to 13th. Phantom 295 charter boards [...]

2014 SeaYou Watersports Challenge

The 2014 SeaYou Watersports Challenge is a friendly race taking place on Saturday November 22nd, in Dubai at the Sofitel The Palm. It is a great opportunity to get familiar with the Starboard Phantom 295 One Design package and improve your skills while sailing in a stunning environment. Everyone is welcome to join. We hope [...]